February 5th, 2008



Last night's show was pretty much as I expected - sloooooww.

It's normal after a really busy Sunday. There was the usual "no-one showing up until after 8:30pm" bit, then the "never a lot of people" bit. I mean, it was a nice group - we had Harmony, and sjgrrrl, and koc_hex, and even moahb for a bit.

Not to mention a group containing a very earnest guy named Sean, who will hopefully be back - he used to sing at TDs, apparently.

But then everyone had to go and be sensible, and left around 11:30pm. timenchanter and I decided to wait until 12:30am, in case someone showed up. I played some mash-ups.

And lucydogstringer walked in around midnight. So the night was in two segments - the first 6 rotations between 8:30pm and 11:30pm, and the final 10 between midnight and 2:00am. Much fun, though - Steven is quite entertaining.

In the end, the bar did, well, OK. In fact, we're up slightly for the weekend.

I took until about 2:45am to finish closing down. Just not moving too fast. Then we waited around for a bit for Paula to arrive. Turned out she was stuck at the train barrier at the Ellis exit. Not too sure what to do about that, either. In the end, she told Timmie to just lock the door and leave - she'd take care of the rest.

He and I took off in separate vehicles. I'm assuming he went home to sleep. I deposited a check, then satisfied my appetite for coffeehouse food. I've caught up with most things going on on the net. Now I just need to finish running through my voter info, fill out my absentee ballot, then go drop that off at the registrar's.

There are things I had planned for Tuesday (like getting the muffler fixed), but voting first, then sleep. We'll see what's possible when I wake up.
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The Kor Law

If someone tells you they really know what's going on, they're lying, delusional, or both.

Also note that if "getting you in the inner circle" involves giving them some money, they're probably not just delusional.
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