January 16th, 2008



I didn't immediately get to sleep after my last post - there was actually too much stuff going on. Some of which may become very interesting.

We shall see.

In any case, when I did wake up, it was something like 9:00pm. The sleep cycle's getting a little weirder than usual. I got clean and dressed (slowly, as usual), then went to TGIFriday's, because even on Tuesday, they're open until 1:00am. And always have WiFi.

So that at least got me out of the house for a bit. I fed myself, dropped by my favorite Arco and fed the car, then came home and finished the unloading process I started before driving off.

I hadn't felt like driving all over the south bay with a giant plastic box as a companion.

Then things get a little blurry. I kept researching stuff, mostly stuff that didn't work. I'm still fighting with the whole Treo/USB modem thing. I even spent some time reading through the USB specs, to see what could be done - I've got the desktop set up for Palm development, anyway.

It's just that the two products out there don't make a lot of sense. First of all, everyone's version of the phone already knows the details of how to get onto the net. Each service is completely different, but those kinks are already worked out in the phone.

Second of all, there are standard USB ethernet classes out there for an ethernet-connected device. Unfortunately, the really easy EEM class isn't supported by Ubuntu, but the ECM class is. And I'd be willing to bet that ECM is supported by Microsoft.

So all one needs is a little program on the Palm that makes and maintains a data connection, then passes the data back and forth to the USB port. What do we have? PDANet, which does the right thing about the wireless side, but somehow uses the Palm conduit and a proprietary driver to represent the connection back at the host. So it only works in Windows.

Then there's USB Modem, which at least looks like a standard device to the host - but that standard device is a modem, and it has to be programmed with the particular fiddly details of the connection, which I apparently can only sorta get right. My latest attempt, with wvdial, complained about a lost carrier, and kept getting periodic bits of gunk data that was likely the phone company trying to send actual connection data through the pipe.

I couldn't find my Palm programming reference, so I was checking the Palm support site for documents when I noticed they'd finally posted an update for my phone. I of course then decided to proceed with that, which was its own little piece of joy.

My phone kept resetting partway through the upload of the new data. I still don't know if this is their bug, or a problem with my phone. So that ate up a few hours, with no positive results. At least the thing still works...

Around 7:30am I went out for McDonald's breakfast, then noted that the sun was up, and so finally got around to the whole handbrake switching thing in the Escort. The main upshot being that I'm back to having an actual center console, rather than a greasy geared thing sitting between the seats. And the pile of tools and parts in the backseat has been cleaned up. So I can say that something seems to have gone right.

Not that I've tried to, um, y'know, use it much yet...

And one other thing seems to have worked. Somewhere in there, while looking for USB classes supported by Ubuntu, I ran across a workaround for a problem I've been having with the laptop seeing the Windows network. So it seems that I can finally print from the thing reliably. This is good.

Then sleep. I woke up around 3:30pm, and have been sort of up since then. What I'm going to do now is anybody's guess, though I think I'll actually get clean and dressed. Maybe even drop by Fry's for something I need for an alternative method of updating the phone (a small, empty SD card). Then the idea may be to try clearing space for/building/putting up/filling the third bookcase. I need to find that Palm reference book, after all.

Dropping by the Infirmary and saying hi to lizzstar is also probably on the agenda.
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