January 14th, 2008


About Town

Saturday, after a few hours of sleep, I made my way up to my parents' dome, and was actually helpful - I did some plumbing. My favorite...

I hung out later than I expected, and left there at something like 9:50pm. Then I rushed like a maniac down to the Duplex, picked up timenchanter, then drove like an Alex out of hell up to the City and Bootie. Even so, we got there pretty late - and then were made even later by the fact that I forgot I had my full complement of pouches until we got to the security check.

So back to the car to dump the pouches, then back into line...

We didn't get in until about midnight, making this the first Bootie I've been to without seeing Smash-up Derby. But still, the Party Ben Live segment was fun, if, well...

I should have changed my name to Dwayne Dibbly Saturday night (10 points if you get the reference). I'm normally pretty dorky, but man, was I doing stupid shit, starting with the pouches. I normally dance like a white boy in traction, and I realize the dance floor was crowded, but if I tried to move my arms, I smacked someone. The one time I jumped with the crowd, I hit some poor girl on the top of her head with my jaw. So I just stayed in my little space, bobbed my head, and swayed. It seemed safe enough.

I am curious about the technical aspects of the segment, though. He had video to go with his sound, and all of that video was perfectly synced up - including the mash-up aspects. I didn't get a good look at his players, but they kinda looked like CD players from the dance floor. So the mash-ups were already done, and I'm not even sure he was queuing them.

So I'm not too too positive what, if anything, he was actually doing up there, apart from looking cool. My best guess is that he was adding a bit of sound effect "garnish" to what he already had.

It looked and sounded good, anyway.

We left around 1:45am, had our usual after-meal at the Bagdad Café, then came home for some sleep.

In fact we both overslept, but fortunately not by too too much - just enough that lunch was snacky stuff from Jack-in-the-Box. We cleaned up, loaded into Fawkes, picked up a trivialt, then got ourselves to Fremont and the Stage 1 Theatre production of The Full Monty. A lot of fun, and we got to see filmbuf104 (well, actually, more of him than I personally wanted to see, but Stan and Timmie were happy), and Natalie.

This was good. I haven't seen either of them in ages.

That ended at something like 5:30pm, which meant Timmie pretty much swung by the apartment to drop me off, so I could load the car, before heading off to a quick dinner with Stan.

I actually had enough time to get up to date on LJ before getting to the bar. Barely.

I was also pretty much ready to go at 8:00pm, though I played videos until 8:15pm, mostly because it just seemed like the thing to do. Then I got started with an already fairly healthy rotation lined up.

It was the busiest Sunday in quite a while, mostly, as far as I can tell, because multiple things converged. It was synkitty's birthday party. The squeeful princesskiti22 felt like bringing her friends Zena and Tosha. tenshinigami decided to come in. The extremely lovely candiddani spent a good part of the evening, which made me all warm and fuzzy.

As a little aside here, Lisa was amazed at the number of people attracted to her, despite her wearing relatively comfortable clothes and no makeup. This is one of those interesting oddities. I'd say that fancy clothing and makeup have a similar appeal to many hetero women that penis enlargement has for many hetero men. It's something that on the face of it is for attracting the opposite sex, but is more of a competition item in the same sex when you peel away the upper layers.

I mean, let's face it. From my point of view, at least, sexy clothes are quite nice and all, but the real question is mostly how quickly they can be removed...

Well, OK, that's the second question. The first is does one get to, which, with my level of game and self-confidence, isn't likely. But one can dream. In Technicolor...

dwo was there for a good part of the evening, as was the elusive blankreloaded. Not to mention firestrike, and kshandra. And a whole bunch of other people.

The first rotation was only 12 long. The second was 26.

Of course, it dropped off from that as people headed home, so the diehards got to enjoy 7 rotations (ending at about 2:05am), but it was still a pretty damn busy night. We in fact made about one drink short of the Sunday/Monday average income. Which makes my pocketbook happy.

I got out of there around 2:30am, took supersniffles home, then met Timmie for some snacks at Denny's. Then back to the Duplex, where I'm trying to recover my throat before going to bed, without much success.

I made it through the night OK, but I'm feeling a tad sick. Suicide tonight may not be all that painless.
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