January 10th, 2008

Elder Sign


Ummm - stuff happened since yesterday. Yeah, that's it.

Most of the day was spent sleeping, for some reason. Then I played with the laptop some more.

Around 9:00pm I had dinner with kshandra at CPK, where we discussed relationship disasters, and a good time was had by all.

Then I made my way to the bar, which was actually reasonably busy. Ran into several people I hadn't seen in a while, like Dane and Jasmine. Sat down with the laptop, completely failed to detect GoogleWifi, but saw the QualityInn signal, supposedly connected, but was never able to get the browser to work.

Tried to get the USB modem setup through the Treo to function. Got what looked as far as an active connection, with properly DHCPed addresses and DNS and everything, except I still couldn't seem to actually get anything to use said connection. It's something silly, I know.

But the fact that I got nowhere meant that I was forced to interact with people, which is a good thing. Actually talked some with Dane and Francesca, and even a little bit with lizzstar.

I left there around closing, hooked up the laptop to the inverter in the car, and took a long, roundabout way to the Mini in order to charge it up some.

Had a light meal there, but hung around until something like 4:30am, fiddling with the laptop yet more, mostly still trying to get the Treo modem thing to work.

Then home, where I've done a few minimal things - I've taken out some garbage, and quite a bit of recycling. In the process of looking for stuff to recycle, I discovered my business license was due yesterday. So while I may nap, I'll be up around 9:00am to dump some cash in my checking account so I can go pay that.

Then I'll have time for a bit of sleep before this evening. I'm supposed to meet Paula at the bar at 5:00pm so I can do yet another unpaid chore for her. It involves getting one of the bar heaters to work - so if you hear a loud "boom" from the direction of Mountain View tomorrow evening, you'll know what it is.
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Something I Don't Know?

I realize the rain's been heavy, but why have I just seen two FEMA RVs driving near the Duplex?

Or maybe it was just the same RV both times - lost. It certainly would fit...
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