January 8th, 2008

Dragon K

A Coupla Days

It's been a fun (if cold) couple of nights at the bar. Not enormously profitable - bar income was down a third this weekend - but definitely entertaining.

Sunday was dwo's birthday, so we had a number of people in for that, as well as a reasonably nice turnout in general. In fact it was doing well for a Sunday until 11:00pm or so, when most of the crowd went home.

candiddani was present most all night, which was enough to make me fairly happy right there. lizzstar spent an hour or so with a newly returned Chris is tow. moonshae and bluize made a somewhat early night of it, and the last night for Fred before she comes back from college in 6 months. So I won't get to see her, and will likely talk to her quite a bit more.

The main downside was that partway through the night I started to lose my voice. I was just starting Black Water when I got stuck in a coughing fit that would not quit, and was quite limited in what I could sing for the rest of the night. I started having nightmare thoughts about nodes on my vocal chords, and was actually relieved when it started feeling more cold-like around 7:00am.

I didn't start that show until around 8:30pm, and finished around 1:55am at the end of the 11th rotation.

Monday's show felt quite a bit smaller, but in the end, again between 8:30pm and 1:45am, we did 12 rotations. There wasn't a round longer than half an hour, but there were a number of people coming and going. The big surprise of the night - at least for me - was how few people turned down songs. I only had maybe 6 or 7 songs rejected for the whole evening. I wasn't even being all that "nice"...

The new person for the night was moahb's roommate Kit, who not only came in, but sang three songs, and not too badly. He also seemed to fit in rather well...

Outside of the shows, well, Sunday night timenchanter and I went to supersniffles's place, under the guise of my finding out the source of the unhappy fan noise in her PC. Sadly, it's the CPU fan, and I need to find a replacement fan or heatsink for her.

But in the meantime, Timmie cooked a very nice breakfast of french toast, bacon, and tater tots, and then sorta insisted that we all sit up and watch Stardust with him, since he didn't need to sleep.

Naturally, Cindi and I watched the whole film, even after Timmie fell asleep half an hour in.

So around 6:00am, Cindi headed to bed a bit late, and I made my way home where I rejoiced in feeling slightly ill, and quickly started dosing myself with Elderberry extract and Airborne. Then slept almost solidly until 5:30pm.

Tonight shutdown was fairly rapid, after which Timmie and I did Denny's and then headed home. And right now, I think I'm just gonna go to sleep. Still feeling like there may be a bit of disease going on...
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