January 5th, 2008


And More

After my last post, I started with the general idea of just staying home and relaxing. I even watched a good fraction of Forbidden Zone before noticing that (1) I was hungry, and (2) kshandra wanted to hang out.

So around midnight I picked her up and zoomed off to TGI Friday's, which is civilized enough to serve food until 2:00am on Fridays and Saturdays.

In fact, we left there just a little before 2:00am. And the least I can say is that I was no longer hungry. Stuffed to exploding, more like.

I think I got to bed around 4:00am or so, after only a minimal amount of thrashing by timenchanter over my behavior on Tuesday. Certainly took him long enough to catch up on his LJ...

I slept surprisingly well, then woke up around, I think, noonish. Called my parents, and arranged to head up and visit, deluge and lack of power notwithstanding. Cleaned up, woke up Timmie, grabbed some stuff at Costco for dinner, and climbed up through the storm wrack.

Interesting drive. Surprisingly, given the inordinate number of portents around me lately, I didn't die. Or even come close. A tree branch didn't even fall near me. It was quite disappointing.

The four of us had a pleasant evening. Though they have no grid power, they're kind of used to this, so the generator was running, and important things like lighting and water pumps were working fine. In general exciting news, they'd only lost a gutter, which their neighbor had been kind enough to put back up. They also didn't know how much rain they'd had, because my mom's gauge starts overflowing at 6 inches...

We left there around 7:30pm, and crawled our way down through the rain and fog. No sudden demises there, either.

Since then I've been working on incorporating my most recent music order, which miraculously arrived today. That's all been done, and one can, as usual, check out the new stuff on my songs page. There's a total of 52 completely new tracks, and quite a few more where I now have Sound Choice versions.
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