January 4th, 2008


Too Much

There's just no way I can completely convey the last day - especially last night. It was a pleasantly busy night at the bar, made, as usual, even more pleasant by the people there.

princesskiti22 did yet another awesome job of hostessing.

I yet again managed to avoid smacking moonshae's ass.

On the other hand, at the very end of the night, I was giving lizzstar a massage in the booth. Between my throwing my head back when I "vibrate," our lower bodies being concealed, and the rather loud moaning sounds she was making, we apparently were quite a sight.

We all celebrated the day after Eddie's birthday.

A lot of fun, and busier than it has been for a while. I started around 8:40pm, and completed 6 rotations before closing at, well, 2:25am. Lizz really wanted to sing a last song.

Paula got a bit snippy. I'll live. In her defense, she was supposed to meet a contractor at the bar this morning at 8:00am.

Closed down, packed up, and got out of there by about 2:45am. Had supper at Denny's, where checking LJ through the phone just wasn't the same as using the laptop.

Fiddled around in my usual fiddly fashion once I got home. Tried freezing the laptop hard drive to get it to work. That failed miserably, but while holding it up while hung (to check for head movement sounds), I discovered that it works fine if suspended at a 45° angle. I'm assuming a broken solder joint somewhere.

In any case, two hours and a couple of sore arms later, the thing is finally backed up.

Got to bed at about 9:30am, then got up again at 3:00pm with the intention of being conscious and dressed when timenchanter left his last day of work. Succeeded reasonably well.

Took him out to Thepthai for an escape from work celebratory dinner.

Went shopping at Fry's, ostensibly to see about getting a new 40Gb drive for the laptop. The smallest available was 80Gb, for more than I want to pay to get this thing back functioning.

Tried Central Computers, with much the same result, but snagged a portable drive case. Tried some touch-typing on their sample Eee PC. Definitely a small keyboard, but can be dealt with - and the keystroke quality ain't bad.

Headed to the Lawrence Fry's because, hey, why not?

Got a new bluetooth headset there, in the hopes that it'll not freeze my phone constantly like the present one.

Then home. Just bought a replacement drive off eBay. It'll probably arrive around the same time as my new laptop. Not that you can ever have too many computing devices.

And now I've gotta decide what I want to do with the rest of the night.
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