December 27th, 2007

Sri Yantra


After my last post, things, surprisingly, went about as they were supposed to.

I got to Fry's, bought what I was looking for for my dad, and, um, also something a little more expensive for me...

Then back to the Duplex, the addition of timenchanter, then out to supersixy and k_magic's place, slowed down only by my geographical disabilities.

It's kind of frightening. Timmie and I bicker like an old married couple, too.

At his insistence, I parked in one of the spaces marked "Permit parking only. Unauthorized cars will be towed," and we headed on in.

And proceeded to have a very pleasant evening with Eric, writenwrong, and eventually Tim.

Some South Park, a little Drawn Together, and Serenity.

The gathering broke up around 11:00pm, and various of us headed to our various places. Including Timmie and I in my untowed car.

Not a lot else to say. I surfed, got some Carl's, surfed, slept, surfed, slept, surfed, showered, dressed, and got here.

Somewhere in there I paid some bills, too, which is a good thing.

And I'm about to have an evening of work and fun with princesskiti22, which is an excellent thing.
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