December 25th, 2007


Christmas Eve Proper

I gathered myself together (sweeping in even all the fiddly bits hiding in the corners), and headed out last night a little after 6:30pm, searching for sustenance before the show.

Damned cultural holidays.

Red Robin: closed. Bennigan's: closed. Taxi's: closed. I ended up having dinner at Yo Yo Sushi. Thank goodness for Buddhists. Or Shintoists. Or just plain greedy commercial people.

I got to the bar on time, was pretty much set up and ready to go on time, and then had a lot of time to spend, thinking up interesting songs for people who might show up.

timenchanter showed up around, I think, 8:30pm or so.

At about 9:00pm a couple I'd never seen before came in - Liz and Ron (I know. Funny, huh?). She wanted to sing, and liked to throw songs in for him too, so I started the show.

And it was just us four for several rotations. writenwrong and supersixy came in around 10:30pm or so, as did rue_gingertabby. At something like 11:00pm, candiddani appeared, wearing a fall of Christmas ribbons in her hair, and looking quite... unwrappable...

Definitely a good time for me. trivialt came in around midnight, and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting someone else important, like I do. But that was most of the party last night. There were a total of 11 singers, Annoying Bob was one of them, so I've accounted for 10...

Paula was there instead of Lily, and obviously was no longer used to Mondays: She asked Timmie if we should close early because of the lack of business. The bar actually ended up making towards the high end of normal for a Monday.

In fact, it wasn't too bad, rotation-wise. I closed down at about 1:55am, at the end of the 12th round. Timmie and I closed up, he headed home, and I headed out in hopes of supper.

The Mini-Gourmet's damned "Open 24 Hours" sign was on. Liars. But Denny's, bless their shrunken bean-counting corporate hearts, was actually open. My favorite waiter at the one I normally go to at 1st St. was there - apparently all the rest of the waiting staff had deserted with some excuse or another, so he'd spent a fairly busy night waiting alone. Seemed happy about the tips, though.

Then, of course, home, sitting in my chair, playing on the net, and desperately trying to digest a Denny's meal. Some people go for wimpy sports like Rugby, but I go for the a real man's game: Late night coffeehouse meal wrestling.

So I haven't had a huge amount of sleep, and now I'm going to get into the shower. Timmie and I have been invited to Shawn and Eddie's for Christmas dinner, and I'd better hurry up and get dressed...
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