December 21st, 2007


Keri-oke, Part Deux

Around 4:45pm yesterday, timenchanter called, and asked if I wanted to have dinner - by 5:15pm - at a place next to City Hall.

As it turned out, his initial choice was closed, and I didn't make it, of course, until 5:30pm. But we got to hang out for a bit.

That at least got me clean and dressed. I popped back home, finished off the laundry, and even put it all away and remade the bed. I's so proud of myself.

Then the whole packing up and making it to the bar thing. Fun, fun night, though that was sort of a given - princesskiti22 was hostessing, after all. We never got insanely busy, but we had enough people to make a nice party - and moreover, enough warm bodies to stave off the cold.

dwo showed up for the first time in ages, bearing gifts: A total of 8 new discs. That's 98 tracks that I need to enter in and cross-check. Completely coincidentally, someone put another $100 in the tip jar. Woo!

I tried to scan as many discs in as I could before the show started (it's best for the system to be as quiescent as possible), but there were just too many, so over half of them were done during the show. At one point, David asked for a song from a disc I hadn't yet scanned in, and I thought I could finish the whole disc by the time he got up.

Wrong. So we told jokes while waiting the extra five minutes...

We also had a nearly full evening of trivialt singing Christmas songs - and passing out the cookies that xtina_satanica had regifted to him (He forgot the box, so I have the rest of them. Heh heh heh...). We started a little late, what with not many people and all. In fact the first four rotations were myself, Keri, Stanley, Timmie, and David. That got us to around 10:00pm, when people started coming in.

The rotation ballooned to about 15, and we had four more of them until the end of the night - plus about 3 songs. So I'm not going to be able to list everybody. Especially when there were non-singers like hogarthhughes hanging around.

But at the very least there were markobellydance, celticnoor, Daniel (who was passing out chocolate starfish. I accused him of advancing the Gay Agenda by making his chocolate starfish so yummy), a very good new singer named Steven, lucydogstringer (who was only there for one song. I gather not feeling well), supersniffles, a late night Nate-o (who had me sing I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General with him), and obviously quite a few others that my fuzzy memory can't quite place right now.

We even had a few minutes of moahb, though he wasn't feeling too well, and didn't attempt to sing.

I somewhat enticed Timmie to stay the whole night, despite a few mild protests from his responsible side. It may say a lot about me that I just had to spend five minutes with a thesaurus before I could find the word "responsible"...

I took forever getting shut down and out of there, and then Timmie and I went to Denny's for food and sobriety, then home.

I've mostly been sleeping since then, with my usual mid-morning hour or two of wakefulness. And now I'm hungry, so I need to decide whether to get dressed and go out, or just order pizza...
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Celtic Cross

Happy Solstice!

It's now officially the winter solstice.

Whatever you position happens to be on that, we can all be happy that the days will be getting longer from here on in.

Unless, as has been pointed out (again!), you happen to be on the other side of the equator. There you can look forward to it being gradually less damn bright all the time.
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New Songs!

As I've already mentioned, dwo donated quite a few new discs yesterday. A total of 98 new tracks, of which 61 were completely new to the collection.

I've finished entering, cross-checking, and verifying everything, so now it's all available on my songs page. I'm not about to list out specifically what he donated - it's about a quarter of the songs on the update listing.

Check it out!
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