December 20th, 2007


Pigment Dispersion Syndrome

That's the technical name for what I have.

And actually, I hadn't looked at my irises for a long time. They're more, well, interesting than they used to be. Kinda neat, really.

A little research says that I'm just a bit old for this, but not ridiculously so. I should avoid high impact sports, running, and jogging.

Sounds good so far.

But then there's that whole glaucoma thing. There're a number of treatments, including eyedrops, drugs, laser surgery, and manually carving out new drainage channels (now there's a winner).

But not every case proceeds to glaucoma. In fact, only about 30% proceed to glaucoma.


But wait, there's more! The incidence of pigment dispersion is about the same in men and women, but for some unknown reason, it results in glaucoma for men three times more often than for women.

A little basic math tells me I'm therefore looking at a 45% chance.

Well, at least it's still under 50%...

And with that, my ocular snowglobes and I are going back to bed.
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The Rest of the Story

After all the ocular festivities, I managed to take my dilated self to Oakridge, where I wandered about, enjoyed the halos and glows around everything, and got a teeny bit of Christmas shopping done.

Which would be Timmie's present. I thought I had one more person down, but the store was out. Dammit.

At 6:30pm, Timmie and I had a pleasant dinner at a remarkably under-crowded CPK, then did some more wandering.

We both left for home about 8:30pm, and I proceeded to do very little even remotely productive until I went to sleep at 1:00am.

A couple of hours at 8:00am this morning, accompanied by a McDonald's #3 breakfast, then more sleep until 1:00pm.

And now I'm continuing in my tradition of non-productivity, though I am doing laundry...

For some reason I have a fondness for clean underwear.
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