December 19th, 2007



Lessee, after my last post, I surfed for a while, then slept.

Then I considered getting some food, and even laid out some clean clothes for after my shower.

But instead, I decided to do something different, and slept.

Everyone needs a hobby.

I woke up today around 10:00am, I think. Surprisingly, by 11:00am or so, I was out of the shower, and on the phone to Kaiser.

I've got to give them some credit. After 5 levels of phone menu, giving my member number twice, explaining my symptoms twice, and eventually being disconnected while on hold, a nurse from Opthamology called me back after a mere 20 minute wait.

She had my name reversed, and I had to explain myself again, but I have an appointment this afternoon at 2:30pm. I'm hoping either (1) it turns out to be nothing or (2) it's a fast treatment nowadays. My mom went through a long, long mess over retinal detachment.

But it is whatever it is.

On a happier note, I checked the mail today, and the settlement check had arrived. Not only arrived, but it was 60% larger than I expected.

Of course, after the initial rush of joy, I started thinking about unfun things I needed to pay with it, like, say, taxes...

My first destination this morning was therefore the credit union. It'll come off hold just a few days after Christmas.

Then the question of food reared its head. After all, apart from minor snacks, it had been over 24 hours.

Difficulty: I wanted a relaxed, sit-down place, but it was noon. I tried for the Rivermark Red Robin, but it was impossible to park.

So I ended up here at Bennigan's. Where I'm having a fairly nice lunch crowded at the bar...

From here, I'm going to try to get my beard trimmed, then off for the hour of reckoning at Kaiser.
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The Good News and...

First of all, I show no evidence of retinal detachment. After a full exam, everything else checks out except...

I have pigmentation loss in my iris on both sides. Apparently there's even pinholes in the damn things.

This in and of itself is not serious, or even rare. The problem is the little piles of detached pigment in the corners between the cornea and the iris.

Right where the fluid drains out of the eye.

Though I measure out as having OK pressure, I'm still a glaucoma risk. Apparently the optic attachment to the retina is a little over-concave, and he wants me to come back and have it checked again in two months.

So I'm not losing an eye, but maybe, just maybe, I might be losing both.

That'll help me sleep well. For one thing, I'm going to start having dreams about my eyes turning into little glitter snow globes.

Right now I'll be wandering through Oakridge until I can see properly again, enjoying the fuzz and glow that only extreme dilation can give you.
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