December 17th, 2007

Celtic Cross


My apologies for another religion post, but I just ran across this paper, which has some very interesting conclusions. Nothing about the truth or falsity of religion, just trends, and their apparent connection to prosperity.

I don't know much about the site, the authors, or in fact the validity of their stats. But I have to say that from my experience, it has quite the ring of truth.
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Skating Along

Saturday evening's dinner was predictably good. I hung around and talked for a few hours after that, then went home, surfed a considerable amount, and slept. I was up at the unholy hour of 8:30am on Sunday, surfed a considerable amount more, went back to bed around 11:00am, and slept some more.

Definitely a day of rest.

I tried to make it to Pick'n'Pull. I even got there at 4:35pm, which should have been close to enough time, given they supposedly close at 5:00pm. Of course, the clerk informed me that they were closing at 4:45pm.

So I went home, loaded the car, and headed to cybrenn's party. That was fun - most of the early people were from the Renegades, and it was interesting hanging out and listening to them talk.

I of course left around 7:00pm and walked back over to the bar to start setup. I was somewhat delayed by an excellent time talking with hektikat. In fact, I wasn't really set up and ready to go until about 8:15pm.

Given I didn't start getting singers until just before 9:00pm, this wasn't too much of a tragedy.

Yet another fun night. It was slightly slow for a Sunday, both in people and income, but not prohibitively - and the income was better than last week's. The big thing of the night was the return of writenwrong, to all appearances mostly in one piece. He, supersixy, timenchanter, and possibly a few more had just had a "welcome back" dinner, from which I was given a plate of goodies.

Which made a very nice lunch today. Thanks, guys!

And, of course, quite a group of other wonderful people, such at trivialt. I fit 8 rotations between 9:00pm and 1:50am, with an average size of around 10. I also fit three of Timmie's hot toddies into that span, which kept me warm and happy.

For some reason or other, I started doing songs that are in my pile of "would like to be able to do, but kinda suck at" slips. Either I actually managed them reasonably well (Including Big Empty, whose chorus normally ends up as just one long screech), or my ability to tell was seriously impaired.

Whatever - 'twas fun. I was packed up in reasonable order, and headed to Denny's, after stopping off at the bank to deposit a check (Thanks, Sexy!). Around 4:30am I got home and climbed into bed.

Today I got up around 11:00am. I've been wasting a great deal of time following an atheist/theist debate on Fark, hence some of the recent posts. If I boogie, I may be able to make it to Pick'n'Pull during working hours, but I have my doubts that I'll make it.
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Live and Learn

Well, I made it to Pick'n'Pull - at about 4:05pm this time.

I've never actually been to one before, so it was probably worth it just for the experience of wandering around a giant automobile graveyard.

After maybe 20 minutes of trudging, I found a similar model car. I don't even remember what it was - I think a Mercury. It had the same parking brake console and assembly, so it doesn't matter. Another maybe 15 minutes of disassembly, and I was done - I even took the console, since mine has been kinda messed up by my equipment rack.

So, a mere $37 poorer, I walked out of there with my prizes. When I got to the car, I noticed that (1) my brake handle veers to the left and (2) the one I just bought is straight. The thought that "perhaps I've been bending the brake handle over putting the rack in the car" finally filtered into my brain, and I tried bending the one I've got back over a bit.

It now works perfectly well.

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