December 15th, 2007


Flaking Through Life

First of all, I never did too much about the parking brake problem Friday. I mean, there was a little - I researched how to get at it, found out there's a Pick'n'Pull a mile from my house (Good to know, with an aging car), and discussed the subject at length with supersixy.

This was all when I woke up for a few hours at 11:00am or so. And I might have gotten something done, if I hadn't gone back to sleep.

I woke up again at 4:30pm, noted with great sadness that Pick'n'Pull would be closing at 5:00pm, and got ready for the Hamptons instead.

I even managed to get through shopping and down there by 7:10pm. I'm not used to being that early.

Apparently, neither is anyone else. We had a pleasant, if small, party going until the crowd started trickling in at 10:00pm.

I'm not even going to try to list the people that were there. For a while it was pretty crowded, and I was on my third glass of Cherry 7-Up by then. Very deliciously mixed at timenchanter strengths.

So things were kinda fuzzy when the crowd hit, anyway. There were a few notable absences. Cara apparently didn't make it because she was feeling sick, and would have liked to have shown off her new bodice.

I swear that girl puts new twists on the word "tease" every time I see her. But she'll have to let this one wait for later.

kshandra wasn't feeling up to it, and princesskiti22 was unexpectedly delayed. She did make it eventually, but not in the best of moods.

Things got a little odd after midnight, what with one guy (Wade?) insisting that a rather enormous bottle of Sauza be emptied through rounds of shots. I'm not really used to seeing people try to physically drag others into shots. And, from what I could see, succeeding just a little too well.

The bottle was empty, and quite a few people looked mighty ill by the time I left at 4:30am.

Even with a few iffy parts here and there, another extremely successful party at the Hamptons.

I got home and drifted off to sleep almost immediately, then got up for the day a little after noon. The known-to-be-doomed-to-failure plan was that I'd play around with the parking brake, then try to make it to my parents' by 2:00pm. Strangely enough, that failed.

But I did make it to my parents' place by 2:30pm. It took a little while to park - I had to find a place level enough that the engine friction was enough to keep the car in place. I finished off all the chores they gave me - which were numerous, for a change - and at least got the console detached from around the parking brake while there was still light.

I'm going to have to replace the whole unit, as it turns out. The return spring is somewhere deep inside the brake arm, which is encased in unremoveable molded plastic. This means I'm going to have to remove and reattach the brake cable, which fills me with no great amount of glee. In fact, none.

But hopefully tomorrow I can finally get that done. Preferably before the show - I'm not sure I can properly wedge the rack in with the brake console gone.

But for now, I'm just going to have to deal with dinner with my parents. Life is hard, sometimes.
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