December 7th, 2007

Ice Cream


Thursday night's show did a rather amusing job of staying busy - pretty much everyone previously mentioned did take off shortly after we sang "Happy birthday" to Cruz at midnight, but then more people showed up.

We had a little trivialt, the usual (but always welcome) supersniffles, and then Eddie and Shawn, with a friend of Eddie's named Rickey (I think from NYC. Interesting guy, and very good singer), Dustin and a boy ("Pattsburg Slim." He's been in before), and a couple of drunk Boston boys that wanted to sing country.

We don't think they had the slightest concept they were in a gay bar.

Certainly not busy busy, but fun.

I closed a little after 2:00am, at the end of the 11th round.

Then Denny's, then home and sleep.

I did my usual "wake up in 6 hours and play around for a bit," then went back to sleep until 3:30pm.

I eventually got myself "up" for the day around 6:00pm or so, went out and paid a late PG&E bill in cash (oops), then had waaaaay too much food at the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory. Another dinner spent in an extremely pleasant text conversation with Debbie.

A lot of it about stuff overheard from the table next to me. I thanked them for the entertainment when I left - and should have left my card. Two of them were women my age, and cute. Ah well.

Then a few walks around the mall to try to get rid of a few of those extra calories, where I happened to run into cekyr0 and jeffercine, who were about to go see that terrible atheist movie.

I then went up to the bar and hung out for a while. Talked with Paula and bluize, and listened to some House. Blur was actually pulling some people in, which was nice.

Paula is talking about paying (a small amount) for a hostess to help bring people in on Thursdays. She had one main idea, who I've asked, but if anyone wants to put themselves forward... Basically, we're looking for another bustymcboob, if such is possible. A party girl (or boy) that'll get people involved, and be an extra draw.

I left there not too long ago, and now I'm home. I need to get some sleep tonight - tomorrow afternoon's going to be pretty busy.
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