November 26th, 2007


And Around

As predicted, my crowd last night was gone by 11:30pm. For a few rotations, it was me, timenchanter, and (annoying) Bob. Then lucydogstringer came in, and Bob left.

Well, Steven and the virtual Cindi, but that's another subject. She didn't sing.

In the end, I did 18 rotations before closing down - at 2:05am. Wanted to get Steven that last song. Didn't want him stuck having only done 9 for the evening...

The bar did about as well as I could expect for the evening. Lily seemed taken aback with how pleased I was.

Then some food at the Mini, then home and eventual sleep.

Timmie called in sick today, so around 4:00pm, when I finally got cleaned up, we headed out for a doctor's note and food.

Then home, more hanging out, and eventually here, to beautiful KoC.

It's been slow tonight, as well. But it's still early. (Annoying) Bob did one song with Heather, then it was just us and her for a bit - but right now, we've also got Honey and Angela, which is amazingly cool. I haven't had Honey sing in forever, and I haven't seen Angela in even longer - and I always enjoy seeing her.

Granted, she's trolling the bars to get people to go to her boyfriend's band's show on Friday (at the Quarter-Note), but it's still really nice to see her.

It'll be interesting to see how the night develops - as always.
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