November 22nd, 2007


Up, Down, and Sideways

I finally got out of the house Tuesday night around 9:30pm or so, and wound on down to TGI Friday's in Cupertino.

They're open until 1:00am and they have WiFi.

Not to mention fried mac&cheese.

I was being good, and then had to go and order dessert. Not that I overeat when I'm feeling insecure or anything.

I now know not to order the donuts. Not that they're bad - quite the contrary. They're delicious. I felt compelled to eat every one.

Of the eight frikkin' donuts they put on the plate. I've seen large desserts, but jeeze...

After I rolled my painfully bloated self out of there, I felt the need to work some of it off, so I took a little driving tour of the south bay (280 to 680 to Mission to 880 to 84 to 101, then back down).

I never said I wasn't silly.

Then I sorta fiddled until 8:00am or so. cekyr0 had donated some discs he had around to the collection. I already had two of the three, but not the third, so I entered that one, did the research to fix some errors, and all that sort of rot. I should have new update sheets tomorrow night.

And, of course, everything's on my song page.

Most of the day Wednesday was spent asleep, for obvious reasons, until timenchanter and I climbed in the car around 5:30pm, grabbed some stuff at Safeway, then fought through traffic to the Hamptons.

It's been an odd, though mostly pleasant evening. Way too much food, of course. But excellent people, lots of fun, and lots of laughter.

Definitely the loudest time I've spent here.

It would be better if I weren't going through such an emotional roller-coaster right now. I keep cycling from happy to depressed to indifferent. Kinda rapidly. At least I'm among an amazing group of friends.

We've had kshandra, Bennie, trivialt, wissavix, princesskiti22 (Yes, there is squee), hogarthhughes, k_magic, snafflekid, chargerboy, and others that are escaping my mind at the moment.

Right now, I'm tired, and I think I shall nap.
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