November 14th, 2007


Home Body

timenchanter simplified the dinner question last night by grabbing us both some dinner at Carl's. So I decided to Google something like "short circuit flu" and kept on running into stuff about elderberry extract.

Being a proper Californian, and unable to resist the allure of a miracle cure made from either nuts or berries, I quickly showered and rushed down to the nearest Vitamin Shoppe to grab some.

Then, since I was out, I also ran off to a Safeway, grabbed a few less new-agey medications, and some snacks. Brownie bites and cinnamon-coated pecans.

The latter are made of pure, delicious, empty calorie evil. I only pushed a small fraction of the container on Timmie before finishing off the rest myself, but that was only because I wasn't trying all that hard.

So I've been dosing myself with the extract - and Airborne - regularly since then. I actually feel less like I'm coming down with something, so at least the placebo effect is working well.

I decided I needed to do something positive with the day, and so determined that I would take the garbage out. This is one of those extremely easy tasks that for some reason become emotionally charged, and so put off nearly forever.

And in fact, in this case, got put off until about 6:00am. But at least it's now done for a bit.

Around 8:00am, I took advantage of being up in the morning, and got myself some McDonald's breakfast. Then back home, where I emptied out a lot of the junk in my car. Then took said car to the nearby mechanic, to have him see about the clutch.

He thinks it needs replacing. Given that it's a 10 year old clutch, and that I've been driving it, he may have a point. I hope he does, 'cause that's what he's planning to do.

To the tune of $700. It's turning into a very expensive month.

I'm supposed to have the car back in time for tomorrow's show, but in the meantime, I'm back to the pedestrian life.

Given how I feel, I think my next task is to try for the sleeping pedestrian life.
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