November 11th, 2007


Expensive Bootie

So tonight I made my way up to Bootie, in stages. I discovered that at least certain TGI Friday's have free WiFi, so I went to the San Mateo one, had a very nice dinner (my opinion of them just bumped back up a couple of notches), posted a little blasphemy, then made the second half of the trip to the City.

I got into line around 10:20pm, which was later than I would have liked, but still before things got too crazy.

And I got in before Smash-Up Derby came on.

On the positive side: They rocked, as usual. Not only that, but for a change, Trixxie was almost wearing few enough clothes. Just a leather corset, a mini-slip over a thong, fishnets, and platform boots.

Their guest performer, MC Jelly Donut, was pretty good, though the energy wasn't quite the level of last month's DJs Moule and Zebra.

On the negative side: The only people I knew there were Jim and his friend Case.

On the extremely negative side: At one point, the aforementioned Jelly Donut jumped into the crowd. As I discovered later, this tore my phone off. I eventually found the phone, but the screen has been pretty well destroyed.

So if I haven't responded to any messages or phone calls, you'll know why. I'm off the net, at least for the moment. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to handle this, when I'm not hyperventilating.

After the set, moahb, and eventually Daniel showed up. We danced to this month's set of French DJs until a little after 1:00am.

OK, they danced, and I jerked around spastically like the white boy I am.

But at least it was decent exercise.

Then I sloshed my way down a very wet highway here, to the Denny's at 1st and Brokaw.

Now I need to get back to the aforementioned hyperventilation.
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