November 9th, 2007



I finally had enough people to start the show at 10:00pm (sjgrrrl, kizmet100, and timenchanter). Maggie asked for a particular video, so I ran a couple more while downloading it - so I didn't actually start until 10:12pm or so.

And then some people showed up - mostly the softball team. So the first 3 rotations were around 11 people. That brought us up to about midnight, when supersniffles arrived, and almost everyone else left.

We had John, a guy who randomly walked in, and did a fine 70s rock ballad, Cat, and, well, that's about it, by the 5th rotation.

Then it was just me, Cindi, and John. Then John gave up.

lucydogstringer showed up well after 1:00am, and still managed to get 4 songs in. Hell, Shawn put in his song after 1:45am, and got it.

So I did a total of 11 rotations between 10:00pm and 2:00am.

Paula at least didn't call the turnout "beyond pathetic" this time. I think it gets a little worse every time she uses a superlative.

But that was probably because she was more worried about the fact that Wayne showed up, to find bluize bartending.

So there's been some talk of moving karaoke from Thursday to Friday. I certainly don't have an objection - it would be nice to have one night a week that isn't a work/school night. I just don't know how much good it'll do.

Ah well. With any luck, I'll get Paula to move Thursdays to a "portion of gross" arrangement, and then have attendance bounce back.

I can dream, right?

At least I wasn't bored. moonshae was checking up on Kris through me and LJ, when she wasn't talking to or texting Kris directly. That was quite entertaining.

And I certainly got me some singing practice.
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