November 7th, 2007


Moving Forward

Since I've been near-Twittering my posts for the last day, there's not a huge amount to say. I'm sort of up, and I've spent a fair amount of the last 20 hours or so wrestling with software.


As goes with that, far too little of that time has been spent sleeping, so I'm a tad groggy.

Especially since I also had to watch the Kentucky Fried Movie, since I now, as I've said, own it. It's certainly kind of dated (it was meant to look retro at the time), but it definitely gives one an appreciation for Zinc Oxide.

Am about to head out, grab some food, and make my way to the Hamptons.

Depending how long the party goes, I may then head to the bar, and see how bluize is doing with Wednesdays.

I also need to gird my loins for more reality/theology discussion. I still haven't finished responding to greeneggsandtam's first large missive, and already need to deal with her enormous response to one of my responses.

I suspect this is an attempted conversion by inundation.

And it takes some time to dig up decent references to counter the misinformation...
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