November 1st, 2007


Fun and Frustration

So Paula's new amp was due to arrive at the Duplex sometime during the day yesterday. I was up and dressed around 3:30pm, and figured I should go out and get my beard trimmed - ya know, not overdo the "beard with a dress" thing too much.

And grab some food while I was at it.

That took from 4:00pm to 5:10pm, mostly because of traffic.

It seemed reasonably safe - UPS has never, ever come by the place before 6:00pm.

So of course, they left a notice at 4:45pm. One not particularly friendly call later, and I could pick it up last night. At 9:00pm. Yay. The bar doors were opening at 9:00pm.

So I went, did some shopping, put on my dress for the night, and got down to the Hamptons, where I had a reasonably wonderful time. On top of the usual participants (including a quite devilishly squee-able princesskiti22), we had kshandra and supersniffles, who had dressed herself up as my date, with slicked-back hair, slacks, a sportcoat, and a dusty pink tie.

After quite a pleasant time there, I said my goodbyes, got ready to rush to UPS - and remembered I'd left the damn tag at home. So I sped home (literally), then pushed my way down to the UPS facility.

No comments on the dress, though I got some interesting looks from the security guard.

And the guy behind me in line stayed about 10 feet back...

Then up to the bar, with the understanding that I'd swap the amp in if things were dead.

Things weren't dead. So the amp is still sitting in its box in the DJ booth.

As it was, there were few problems with the amp last night, anyway. Most had to do with our touchy new(ish) CD player, and bluize's scratched-up discs. Lots of rather unpleasant stops and starts.

She was trading off with Chris (the excellent DJ who's been doing Wednesdays). You could tell which one was playing simply by the number of halts to the music...

Cindi texted me to say she was heading home, so I bribed her to drop by with the offer of a few beers. And proceeded to have a fun time at the bar.

Kris outdid herself on decorations - which should still be up tonight. And while the place never got crowded, it never got empty, either. I got myself a seat at the bar where I could watch sugarbare wash glasses (she had her shirt open fairly low...), talked some with Linsday and Lucky, a bit with alphaba, and actually got to sit and talk with hektikat for more than two minutes! Though she was doing her usual flitting thing - show up at the bar, drain a drink, and out the door...

Cindi and I headed to our respective homes on the order of, I think, 1:00am. I grabbed some food at Carl's, settled in at home for a while, then, well, slept.

Today I was up and about around 3:30pm. Grabbed some money from the bank, paid the rent (A tricky proposition at the Duplex - we pay in cash, and the owner's frequently not home), and headed out for some more shopping.

And now I'm finishing up dinner at Chevy's. I need to grab some more stuff for the amp install, and, well, prep for the evening - including finishing input of a disc that arrived today (don't get too excited - it's just a StarDisc).

Tonight is the last night of the Week of Drag (OK, Week of Man In a Dress), and it is, I believe, the shortest dress of the set.

You've been warned.
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