October 30th, 2007


Always a Drag...

I managed to do quite a bit of laundry yesterday afternoon. I got so involved that I forgot the time, which meant that when timenchanter showed up with Fawkes, my bathtowel was in the dryer, some distance from being, well, dry.

So I did the unthinkable, and threw on clothes without a shower. The things I do...

So he has Fawkes back, and we went out, returned his rental, and grabbed some dinner at Baja Fresh.

Then home for the delayed shower, and to dress up...

There is photographic evidence of last night. Of course, it's on Timmie's phone, and it's only from the waist up. So if you didn't make it out, well, sorry. Them's the breaks.

My first experience of the night was having Angelino walk by as I was preparing to leave the car, and call out "Your dress is caught in the door!"

Then I had the one tranny that I've actually mistaken for a woman come up and compliment me on it...

It turned into a pretty fun night, starting with Angelino being sick, and calling Timmie to replace him. It took until about 9:15pm before I had enough people to start the show, but it picked up reasonably well from there.

Of course, I kept stepping on my hem every time I climbed back into the damn booth...

The best reactions of the night go to
  • Bob, who after I cheerily said "Hi, Bob!", quietly stood up and walked out of the bar.

  • sjgrrrl, who I believe initially said "Oh my God! That's scary!"

  • supersniffles, who literally huddled away from me under her right arm.
I closed at about 1:50am, after running through 8 rotations. We had a quite reasonable crowd for a Monday - in fact, we made a little bit more than Sunday. In the end, the weekend total take (for both the bar, and by extension, myself), was only about 11% down from average, which is pretty good for competing with everybody's parties.

We had a touch of trivialt, several hours of Sarah and Paul, John (The only other person in costume, with a construction paper "Son of Godzilla" outfit), lucydogstringer, and a cast of... well, a few. kizmet100 even sang most of the songs I picked for her.

In fact, I was generally pretty happy with my selections last night. There may be a connection with the fact that I was too busy working to do any extraneous web surfing.

At shutdown I happily divested myself of the dress, and headed over to Cindi's place, where she found me accessories for one of the other dresses. I'll therefore be wearing the black outfit tomorrow, since I now have a matching purse, necklace, and if I can find someone to put them in for me, barrettes.

Still in Birks though, I'm afraid.

She also fed me - and segajenison, and then we all talked for several hours, though most of it was myself and Jenison catching up. Cindi went to bed while we were still happily showing each other YouTube clips.

I crawled home around 6:00am, to find that not only did I need to unload the car, but my bed was unmade (see "laundry," above). I mildly surprised myself by actually making the bed before sleeping in it.

Of course, when I answered a phone call early this afternoon, I discovered that I'd forgotten to take my earpiece off...

And that's about it. I'm finishing up an adequate, if expensive dinner (there might be a reason why I only go to Bennigan's on occasion...), and don't really have much planned for the evening. It's kinda nice.
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Well, THAT Was Interesting

I was here in Fry's when the quake hit, about nine minutes ago, now.

Nothing like realizing there's no particularly safe place as you look at the giant light fixtures swing overhead.

It felt like the building was pushed side-to-side a couple of times by a giant hand, so I shouldn't have been too far from the epicenter.

My parents are OK, at least - they just called.
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