October 23rd, 2007



So I'm reading this article about a poor actress in Vietnam that has pretty much had her career terminated by the leaking of an extremely grainy sex video of her and her boyfriend.

You know, the sort of thing that would revive an acting career here.

And, of course, I find the video in question. For purely academic reasons, of course.

I'm having a hard time watching it - no pun intended, for once - because he's terrible. I mean terrible.

It's all very well to be all macho'n'forceful'n'shit when you know what you're doing, but I mean, she keeps having to forcefully push him away. In a couple of cases, so she can breathe.

I feel for the poor thing. Not only is her career ruined, but it's ruined by a recording of bad sex with a jackass.
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Monday, as it turned out, was, well, a Monday. Despite writenwrong's expressed desire to get both paramedics and cops involved this time, neither appeared.

Instead, we had the usual somewhat slow night. Far from terrible - in fact, never as slow as the beginning of Sunday - but far from incredibly busy, either. In the end, the two days together brought in about 70% of average for the bar.

We were graced by a visit from spondee and Siobhain, though unfortunately no candiddani. We also got a visit from jorgitoelcubano, and a return by lucydogstringer.

And a few hours of trivialt, and most of a night of kizmet100.

We also got some Shawn, but no Eddie. Apparently the guy last night did quite a number on Shawn's car.

And so went the night. Like Sunday, I did 13 rounds before closing right at 2:00am. I then took off to the Mini Gourmet, where I found to my shock that they now have wireless!

I'll likely be going there more often, now. I wouldn't say their food is particularly wholesome, but if you compare it with, y'know, Denny's...

And home, and sleep. Today has been yet another day devoted to wrestling myself into doing the sales tax forms that must be in by Friday - or they yank my license. I've made a little progress. Mostly, I've been reading Clark Ashton Smith stories.

But there is a little bit of hope that I'll get something done in time. Of course, if I do, I'll then have to find some other excuse for procrastinating all the other stuff I need to do.

I was going to head out and grab some food, but timenchanter has offered spaghetti. And after all that effort to get showered and dressed, too...
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