October 16th, 2007

Triskell Knot

Premature Withdrawal

I got to the bar at just about 8:00pm last night. There wasn't exactly a crowd waiting, so I wasn't feeling too bad about it.

I forget exactly when I started - something like 8:30pm, I think. At that point, I had supersixy and writenwrong lined up - and more walked in. By 9:30pm, we actually had a nice little party going.

I even got a nice "glare of death" or two from trivialt.

Unfortunately, they all decided to leave by 11:00pm. I was left with a rotation consisting of myself and the recently arrived synkitty.

Angelino decided it would be a good time to close the place down. I was in fact most of the way through shutting down when supersniffles arrived at midnight.

Cindi, Synthia and I took off to Denny's by about 12:15am. On the way, I got a call from Paula, to say that 5 customers came up just as she was driving off.

So the bar did fairly poorly last night. Probably about half as well as it could have, which still would have been kinda wimpy. The real problem I have with this sort of thing is that it sets a precedent. Every time people show up late, and the place is closed, makes it more likely they won't come in at all. That kind of situation snowballs rapidly.

I've already talked to Paula about getting someone else to bartend. I understand she doesn't have a huge number of possibilities right now, but Angelino is just not a great choice for slow nights. He's nice enough, and makes a damn good drink, but when things get slow, he just sits there, staring off into space. It makes an empty night seem even emptier.

Maybe convincing Lily to go back to doing Mondays would work...

Anyway, I should get myself up. I've been told I'm being picked up and taken to the City at 4:10pm. From the tone, it'll be in whatever I'm wearing at the time.

And my bathrobe's kinda drafty.
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