October 12th, 2007


I Can't Help It...

I realize that there are serious civil rights questions with bathroom sting operations such as the one Sen. Craig fell afoul of - in fact, so serious that the ACLU is helping defend him, which is a delicious irony in and of itself.

But man, conservative hypocrisy is amazing. Maybe if we just hired dommes for all these idiots, they'd stop trying to flagellate the rest of the country...
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Last night's show was... different. In various ways.

We were reasonably well attended, and in fact I started pretty much right on time, if only because kshandra had already put songs in, and had a limited amount of time she could stay.

Stacey managed to make it back one more time before she takes off for Tennessee.

And we had a huge number of people I've not seen before. And at least one I think I'd specifically blotted from my memory. His name is Tim.

Tim is the sort of guy I think of when I hear the phrase "ugly American." He's big, loud, and quite possibly hasn't had an original thought since somewhere in 1975. He talks in brilliant platitudes such as "Money talks, bullshit walks" - and then stiffed me on a tip.

He wanted to get up to sing pretty much as soon as he thought of a song. I did, in fact, let him sing once more than everybody else, in part because of the promised tip, but in large part because it would shut him up. I spent a lot of last night getting him to wait "just a little more" so I could get, y'know, other people to sing. Good thing the rotation was relatively short.

One of his friends tried to get him to sing Escape at the end of the night, but he dropped it in the middle because it was "too gay."

So that was the downside to the night. I just hope they bought a bunch of drinks.

There were, of course, quite a few upsides, including an evening of timenchanter, writenwrong singing How Many Licks, sjgrrrl's friends Melissa & Rhonda, and several hours of supersniffles.

And even a short appearance by trivialt!

I closed down at the end of, I believe, the 8th round, and did my usual decompression at Denny's.

Today I did the sleeping/surfing thing. I think I've had enough sleep. I at least don't feel sleepier than usual.

I'm enjoying the fact that it's an unscheduled night. I have no particular parties, events, or things I have to do.

Well, OK, I have stuff I have to do. I just got warning that I better turn in a form, or California is going to yank my resale permit. Which means I need to stop hiding from the whole business thing. Shame, that - I'm so good at it.

And in the "stuff I don't have to do" column, I'm about to drop by the bar and look at the water supply to the swamp cooler. There's water dripping from the vent, which could be rainwater - or could be the cooler. So I'm going to get in there and turn off the T-valve to the cooler, just in case. And probably hang around for some of Nemesis.
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