October 11th, 2007


Dinner and DJs

Wednesday was relatively uneventful. I slept most of the day, hung out at dinner_and most of the evening, then headed over to the bar to check out writenwrong's Crossing Over.

Dinner& was a pleasantly low-key affair this week. Not a lot of people, which made it easier to hang out with the ones there. I hadn't seen the lovely wissavix in way too long.

I hadn't seen cekyr0, jeffercine, timenchanter, and Ken B. in almost 18 hours.

Her squeeness princesskiti22 was there, if a little absent from (1) her present obsession and (2) an unfortunate headache.

The lesson I learned for the evening was "don't buy tinned cheese spread at Cost Plus."

Crossing Over was not what you'd call a lot of people. It was pretty much me and, eventually, mr_seed. It turns out he knows the DJ Paul brought in (Chris, I believe). Who was actually pretty good. I enjoyed the music, surfed a little, then headed home at about 1:00am.

Not much after that. I'm just hanging out at the apartment, and starting to get ready for the show tonight.

For anyone who's interested, my latest disc purchase isn't due to arrive until next Wednesday. So expect a lot more Disney songs next week!
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