October 2nd, 2007



Last night was, well, completely unexpected.

Granted, the whole "fighting to sing through bunches of gunk" bit was expected, and I didn't let myself down. I did, at least, manage to do most of the songs I pulled - or was given.

I had everything set up and ready to go at 8:00pm, but the only singers there were myself and dwo (sjgrrrl never showed up, which is kinda worrisome).

So I was doing my usual "show videos" thing, when this large group walks in around 8:15pm or so, and starts looking through the songbooks. Around 8:20pm I just go "what the heck," and start the show with myself and David - more songs were obviously forthcoming.

And they were. The first round was only three singers long (the third being an on-sick-leave supersniffles, that I believe walked in while David was singing), but the second was quite a bit longer.

That group was a lot of fun, even if I couldn't read their handwriting. Hint: If your name is "Juneid," try to write it in a manner that people can read. It's not a name I'm going to guess from the scribbles.

But no matter. They were nice, they were fun, one of them could sing quite well (Rosario), and they bought a lot of drinks. Paula was actually grinning...

Then valeriesparks, Josh, and mr_seed walked in, and spent some time. Valerie only sang one song before, from what I gather, the previous group drove her out (some of them were pretty bad), but it was wonderful to see her, and Apple came back after taking her and Josh home.

Then there was jorgitoelcubano, and a new couple, Jennifer and Jon (aka "Snake"), who had heard somewhere of the suicide show, and though scared, wanted to try it. They were a lot of fun - especially since Jennifer gave me the "I sing everything" line. Heh heh. I even went easy on her, and she didn't know half the songs I threw at her...

Then moahb, and, and, princesskiti22! I just about squeed my pants...

Keri showed up at the DJ booth, and got both what must have been a good double-take, and a pounce. Sadly, I eventually had to let go. She was only there for a bit, but that was long enough for two songs. She bit the bullet, and decided to go for full suicide. Since I'm evil, I gave her Hanky Panky and Hollaback Girl. Both of which she did quite well. A few stumbled lines in Hollaback Girl, but then that's kinda to be expected for a fast rap song you've never done before.

Christie showed up again - I didn't mention her, but she was part of Sunday's lizzstar farewell group. More part of the Goth/Industrial crowd (She knows Rabbit, and I gather will be doing the door for Nemesis week after next). She's quite a good singer, and I'm hoping to see more of her.

Definitely a good night. I finished at 1:50am, at the end of the 9th round, and ran a few videos while closing down. It wasn't a long process - Paul is apparently sponsoring some sort of Tranny show on Wednesday, and I figure he'll need mics, so I'm leaving the equipment there.

When all was said and done, the bar did extremely well. In fact, much better than Sunday, and Sunday was a good night.

After getting paid much more than I expected, I took a drunker-than-she-thought-she-was Cindi off to Denny's, where she paid for my supper (thank you!), then I took here back to her car, went home, and went to bed.

Other little oddnesses: timenchanter and I have been trying to pay our rent. We get a discount for paying on the 1st, and always pay in cash. Which doesn't work when you can't get in contact with your landlord. I'm still trying to raise him today. There's evidence he exists, things change at his apartment, but knocking on the door, calling his name, and calling his phone have no effect.

I'm not used to it being this hard to hand cash to someone.

Oh, and something that started at the end of the night last night, and seems to be continuing today. I may be feeling... well. There's still gunk, but it feels kinda, well, leftover. Which means that, of course, my doctor just called and prescribed antibiotics, in case I have a secondary bacterial infection. This would be normal timing for my life.

I'm going to go and take the full series, of course. But this is an odd feeling...
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