September 30th, 2007

Elder Sign

Thrills & Chills

Events since my last post...

Around midnight last night, I couldn't take it any longer, and took a shower!

I've spent part of today convincing my parents I'm not dying! My dad has a fairly strict view of colds and flus - they last 7-10 days. Anything shorter doesn't exist (so much for 24 hour bugs), and anything longer is indicative of imminent total collapse.

Granted, I don't exactly feel good. And I've fired off an email to my doctor, who may or may not respond tomorrow.

I'm not sure he remembers me...

In other excitement, not more than an hour ago, I took another shower!

And now I'm eating dinner!

And shortly I'll be setting up for the show!

The show must go on, and all that rot.
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