September 26th, 2007



I got myself more-or-less up Tuesday afternoon, and made my way to Red Robin, because I was tired of Panera, and because their mac'n'cheese is addictive.

So a couple of hours there, some tea refills at Safeway, and a couple hours more at Nerdvana (Milpitas), because I was bored.

I left there with a cable and 3 DVDs, came back home, attached the cable, and settled in to watch Spirited Away. I do love me some Miyazaki.

That took all night and part of Wednesday, because I'm good at finding things to distract me.

I kinda didn't sleep last night. There was some of the passing-out-in-the-chair, but not much. By about 8:00am, it occurred to me that I was awake at the same time that other places were.

So I grabbed some McD's breakfast, talked to the body shop about replacing the other headlamp assembly (though they never called back), did all my laundry, cleared the junk off my bed, actually put away my laundry, and remade the (now clean) bed.

Then I ran off and got my windshield replaced. I'm sure there may have been better deals available, but it was a reasonable price, and they were there then. So I now need to leave some tape on - and keep my windows cracked - until Saturday. But I have a niiiice windshield.

By that time it was 3:00pm. I crawled into bed for a few hours, then crawled out again to clean up and have a late dinner with timenchanter.

I think we made it to On The Border at about 8:45pm.

Waaaay too much food, a stop at Safeway so Timmie could grab some gift cards he needs, then to the bar.

He's been hanging out with Dane (huge surprise). I've been mostly talking with sjgrrrl. Well, and a little with lizzstar ("Guam, eh?"), and right now I'm watching a remarkably gorgeous woman dance.

Life, as they say, is hard.
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