September 17th, 2007

Elder Sign

Slow Suicide

I slept some more yesterday afternoon, then did my usual crawl through getting clean and dressed.

A quick dinner at Panera, and then to the bar - late by almost half an hour, but no real matter.

I didn't have enough people to start until about 8:50pm, anyway.

It was, as predicted, a pretty slow night. Less dead than I expected it, but, well - the bar made about as much as a mediocre Monday. I did have 13 singers for a couple of rounds, and in the end I only went through 9 rounds, so again, definitely not dead. But slooooow.

I was surprised to see some people - like cybrenn, moahb, and kizmet100 - that I kinda expected to be partied out. Certainly not disturbed, just surprised.

I was a little disappointed when I drove up - lizzstar's car was there, but as it turned out, she's in LA. She and Nick drove down there this weekend, and he ended up coming back without her. She'll supposedly return in time for the Infirmary this Wednesday.

The night was made even more Monday-like by the prevalence of suicide. At any one point, at least half the bar had asked for suicide songs.

I'm getting tired of the suicide slips I've got, so I've been suiciding people from the book, with OK results. I mean, yes, Maggie turned down a lot of songs. But I only had two backups, and I never had to resort to a song from her envelope. I was a little iffy with what I picked for swanhart, but then his version of Layla rocked.

As did supersniffles's version of Take It on the Run.

I shut down the show at 1:36am, because, well, the rotation had been myself, Cindi, John, and Bob (Roberta's alter-ego) for a while, we were the only people in the bar, and John had just left. Sometimes you just have to give up.

This meant I was out the door by 2:08am. In fact, it was only that long because I had to wait to get paid. Then Denny's for some warm, throat-soothing food.

I was able to sing reasonably well for the whole night, considering, but I still was still pretty sore by the end of it.

Then home, and the usual tea/pass out in chair/transfer to bed/wake up coughing and get some more tea thing. I'm now about ready for the afternoon nap, if I can sufficiently allay my net addiction.

If things follow the usual pattern, tonight will be a busy Monday. Which would be cool, but then I'm not going to hold my breath.
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