August 23rd, 2007



I lounged in bed yesterday until about 4:30pm, when I dragged myself out, crawled through a shower, betook myself to Costco, and from thence to dinner_and. I made it there around 7:00pm.

'Twas a low-key night at the Hamptons. Not a huge number of people, and not exactly a giant amount of food, either. I hung out until 8:10pm with such wonderful people as wissavix, princesskiti22 (all your squee are belong to us!), electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, and a number of others, like hogarthhughes.

From there I bounced up to Gay Melrose for an evening's visit with Nikki and her bunny. I hadn't actually hung out with her in ages, so we talked continuously until 2:00am. We now have blackmail information on each other.

She's such a character. Her place is decorated in early botánica, and she proudly displays her collection of historic Ouija boards and tea-leaf cups. She also fed me some rather interesting vegetarian food. It was quite good, but I've been trying to get rid of the yeasty smell ever since. While I enjoy the smell of fresh-baked bread, I don't seem to like it when I smell it on my breath.

She also made up some ginger ale by juicing some actual ginger and adding other items. She wasn't sure I'd take how spicy it was.

I had to send her back to add more ginger into the mix.

Definitely a good time. We'll be hopefully hanging out again soon - just preferably not cutting into my Hamptons experience next time around.

From there I made my way to Carrows to try to cleanse the taint of unprocessed real food, with some success. Then home, and some of that falling-asleep-in-the-chair stuff. I'm now out of the chair, mostly recovered from the neck pain, and about to climb into bed.

Good night!
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