August 19th, 2007



I've been running around too much to get around to posting this weekend.

At least, that's my excuse.

Friday night, I finally got ready for the day some time around 10:00pm, then had a very pleasant dinner with kshandra at the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory.

We finished that at, I think, 11:30pm or so. I headed up to the bar and Nemesis, where I hung out for an hour or so, and got some teasing in with Lizz and Ron. It's quite amusing - she's not used to well-done passive-aggressiveness, and he's quite good at it.

Then home, and, umm, well, semi-consciousness. I never got to bed Friday night. I just dozed in my chair for a few hours, alternating with periods of sort of alertness.


Saturday, I was ready to go and tackle the world around 1:30pm. I picked up sjgrrrl, did some party supply shopping, then made it over the mountains to the lovely princesskiti22 in Ben Lomond.

I think we made it there around 3:30pm. We would have made it earlier, if I hadn't gotten us lost...

And that was the start of a very pleasant evening of hanging out under the plum tree. The weather was great, and the company was wonderful. If, perhaps, a little too intent on out-snarking each other. But we had fun.

My only regret is that I didn't walk 10 feet and play a game or two of pool with the stoners. On the other hand, they were hotboxing the pool room/basement, and I'm really not into that.

Some other time, perhaps.

Around 11:30pm or so, the party had been reduced to Keri, myself, and timenchanter. So we did what we could to clean up in the dark, then hung out inside and talked for a while. Around 12:30am, they settled in to sleep (Timmie was nowhere near awake enough to drive), and I left to take the trip back to Silicon Valley.

Some sleep. A fair amount, actually, if not the best. I crawled back to consciousness around 1:30pm, then started in on the process of getting up.

I made it to deekers's birthday party at something like 5:00pm. A nice group. Quite a few were familiar from the day before - and quite a few were David's acquaintances from completely different circles. A number of cute college girls. That was definitely pleasant...

Around 6:40pm I headed off to the bar to set up for the evening. I found the place somewhat torn apart - snafflekid was trying to clean up the main cooler (I think), whose bottom had completely rusted out - and done quite a number on the floor below it.

He's since been hanging out in swim trunks and a wifebeater, and seriously considering burning the clothes he was wearing. Apparently it was quite the life-changing experience.

It hasn't been what you'd call an incredibly busy evening, but it's been nice enough. I didn't start until 8:45pm, when I got an actual customer request slip. From then on people started trickling in - and out. I'm just finishing up the fourth rotation.

We've mostly had regulars tonight. The new face is a woman named Eme, who has a very nice voice - and an interesting taste in music. I haven't heard Pearl Jam's Black in a while.

Otherwise, the slightly rare visitors have been mr_seed, valeriesparks, and lucydogstringer.
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