August 8th, 2007


Questionable Sleep

This should be short. Which probably means it somehow won't be...

After last night's meal, I decided to drive, so I did one turn of the Great Circle, then headed home, where I kept timenchanter company for a bit. Kinda begrudgingly. I really wasn't in a social mood, I guess.

Or just couldn't handle being separated from my laptop. Either way, it's a little disturbing.

Since then, I've done two things: Slept, and re-read the whole archive of Questionable Content. I'd be more concerned about the time taken if QC weren't simply awesome - though I've been reading it for so long, I never noticed how hugely Jeph's art has improved since he started the strip.

Every ten strips or so I'd laugh, then think about posting it - until I realized that meant I'd be posting something like a hundred strips.

QC is probably the single best running strip I read, though Something Positive comes in a close second. Which makes the guest strip that Randy did for QC especially good. Though if I remember Randy's blog post, he was a little sad he only got two pieces of hate mail out of it.

Ah well. Now on to things I may regret...

Or may not. Time will tell. Though it's interesting to note that while my white knight tendencies can be activated by almost any need of a damsel in distress, the cry of "I need help with my homework" will trump almost anything else.
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