August 7th, 2007



I was only 10 minutes late picking up timenchanter from work yesterday. For me, that's almost early.

I reunited him with Fawkes, grabbed myself some dinner at Red Robin, then spent some time at OSH looking at pieces for a dolly for the rack. I ended up with some 4" wheels - my parents think they have some plywood I could use.

I also dropped by Home Depot, and grabbed some stick-on velcro that I may be able to use to solve my s-video connector problem.

Then to the bar, where I was largely ready to go at 8:00pm. Contrary to the way things have been going, I actually had enough people to start by 8:30pm. And then it turned into a reasonably good night. If a little hazy.

The bar did extremely well (in fact, better than Sunday), in large part due to the efforts of blankreloaded, who was buying quite a few drinks for quite a few people, including myself. So a lot of the night is just a leeetle blurry. I remember the lovely hektikat came in for a bit (hard to forget as she is), and I'm reasonably certain I did fairly OK in song selection. Most people seemed to sing what I gave them, anyway.

I finished the 10th round at 1:50am, and shut down. Then Denny's, then home, and sleep.

And sleep. And, lest we forget, sleep.

I've been up a few times today, and done a few messages, and a bit of email. But for the most part, it's been sleep. I finally dragged myself through the shower, and got myself dressed by 8:50pm or so. Then off here to the Cardinal.

So my human contact today so far has been Timmie knocking on the door to unloan some DVDs I was just not getting around to watching, and talking to an admittedly quite pretty waitress.

I assume the problem is that I declared today to be a paperwork day. I have a few things I just have to get to. In fact, I've been putting them off for a while.

Rather than actually deal with them, I'm bringing my ninja procrastination skills into play.

On the positive side, the Cardinal's spanakotyropita is pretty good.
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