August 6th, 2007


I Can Has Pants!

I should talk about the lack of customers more often. As I was saying in my last entry, I didn't even have enough people to start the show last night until 9:15pm. By 10:25pm, I was largely through the third rotation, which had grown to 8 people.

Well, it kept growing. That rotation topped off at, I believe, 18. The fourth and fifth rotations were about the same size.

I managed to fit in about half of a sixth one before having to shut off at 2:00am.

Part of the crowd was nightvzn and his friends, dropping by after quite an absence. Most of it was chargerboy's BBQ relocating itself.

There was actually a period there where Lizz and Paul were having a hard time keeping up.

The bar did quite well. Not fantastically, mostly, I assume, because the "busy period" was relatively short. And possibly because a lot of the customers were already pretty tipsy when they got there...

I even made more tips than last Thursday - though, granted, I'm still not going to get rich on $7...

I closed down reasonably rapidly (even with the after hours Lizz and timenchanter Alanis command performance), then hung around for ages waiting for Lily to figure out how much to pay me. Then I carted a quite tipsy Timmie off to Denny's for some food, then home, and eventually sleep.

Today's big accomplishment has been the washing of the pants, so that I may have leggings in my future adventures. Well, and the carting of the late-morning Timmie to work (tsk).

In fact, I need to get myself clean an' all so's I can go rescue the Timmie from work.

In between, I've been trying to find a reasonable way to clamp an s-video cable to the connector in the back of the rack. It keeps coming loose. And I swear I've seen various premade cable clamping options somewhere. I just don't know where. And all the Google searches I can think about tell me about strain relief...
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It's Baaack...

Back at the Marko pool party, after all the various pool insertion wrestling matches, I noticed that one of my rings was missing.

Not too surprising, since the thing's been trying to escape ever since I bought it. It just doesn't quite grab onto the finger - at least not for very long.

I was concerned, not so much because of the loss, but because the thing has sharpish edges, and I was worried that someone would step on it. But all searches for it failed.

When I went out to the laundry room today, it was sitting there on a shelf.

There are many prosaic explanations as to why it would be there.

But I'm just going to assume that it decided to come home after a short, and I'm sure eventful, vacation.
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