August 4th, 2007

Triskell Knot


I got to CCF last night at 5:25pm, and sorta wondered where everyone was - though I just figured they were caught in traffic. Around about 5:45pm, I texted misswong77 to see if she was OK.

They'd been seated for a while.

Still, I was there before entropyca and deekers showed up - though later than spawrhawk, which is unheard-of. And that, once you add Caesar, was the roster for the evening.

It was the usual pleasant time, followed by a wander through the mall as Mr. Saenz tried on a series of outfits at several stores, and several of us played with iPhones. The usual, what.

As we were leaving, Bjorn and David invited me to join them at Hunters. I opted instead to go see how Nemesis was doing. I'd, uh, forgotten it was the first Friday of the month. It was still earlyish (around 8:00pm, I think), and the place was pretty much empty. Still, I discussed a few things with Paula. Apparently Wayne has a cleared-off credit card, and she wants to fix that by buying a flat-panel for the bar. So I got the laptop out and shopped for one for her.

We also discussed placing a 42" she's got in storage, and hanging the subwoofer. Hopefully I'll be able to make some progress on that this coming week.

I was just futzing around when kshandra texted, wanting to get out of the house - they were in the middle of a blackout. So I met her for a pleasant hour or two at Mini Gourmet.

I believe I got home at around midnight, and finally got to sleep at 1:30am-ish.

Today I didn't really get up until around 1:00pm - though I still felt tired.

I started looking at LCD mounting possibilities for the rig, and got so involved in shopping/researching for that that I didn't even get in the shower until after 5:00pm. I'm a bad son. I didn't get to my parents' place until 6:30pm or so.

The usual pleasant evening there, a swing past the HoD to grab mail on the way back, and here I am, preparing to do something newly frivolous. Or sleep. Sleep's always a possibility.
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