August 3rd, 2007


Good Night

Yesterday, timenchanter and I had dinner at Sonoma Chicken Coop, hung around the apartment for a bit, then made it to the bar at just about 7:00pm.

Timmie's planning to fill in for me on the 27th, so I ran him through the setup process with the new system.

I didn't actually start the show until something like 8:50pm, when people - and Lizz - actually showed up.

It wasn't the most packed Thursday we've had, but it was one of the more fun - and profitable - for quite some time.

Part of that was the markobellydance birthday party - I think the last in the series. Part of it was the visit by ajayav, and part was a temporary bounce-back from Oregon by Tim H.

It was kind of the best of both worlds, because we had a good party going, and I still managed to fit 7 rotations into the evening.

I shut down at 1:50am, and was out of the building by 2:30am. Then I, a rather tipsy Timmie, electrichobbit, and tlsthatsme did Denny's.

We left there around 3:45, Tobi going home to a burglary (sad), and Timmie and I taking Mark back to base (amusing). The guards just had to know what was in the big black box in the passenger seat, so I had to contort enough to pop the top lid, and show them the mixer.

Thus it can be shown that the Ames guards are about as effective as our airport screening process.

Then home, and some sleep. Today's main bit of productivity has been making it to Redwood City so I could start up the traffic school process. Fortunately they support a fairly long list of online schools.

And then back down here to Valley Fair, where I've been wandering aimlessly while writing this post, prefatory to this evening's CCF.
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