August 1st, 2007


Round About

Monday evening...

The dinner with timenchanter and electrichobbit did, in fact, occur. We ended up at King of Krung Siam for a predictably yummy dinner. Though Mark did point out that we always seem to end up at Thai when the three of us go out.

I can deal.

We then adjourned to the bar, where I set up. Slowly. Which set the tone for the night.

It was pretty dead, though somehow the bar did better than I expected. For I think two rounds we reached the giddying heights of eight people in the rotation. But mostly it was five.

And for most of the night, those were the people in the bar, plus Mark, an out-of-towner named, I believe, John, bluize, and Kris' date. Though Kris actually sang a few times, and her date about one and a half. The half was when my mic battery died, and Kris asked for the other mic as I was switching. The one was an "add-on" after I'd sorta ended the show.

Which happened at about 1:10am, at the end of the 12th round.

I ran movie clips until 2:00am, and packed up.

Honestly, I think the most entertaining part of the evening was massaging Lizz. Especially watching her face when Timmie and I were both working on her back...

Timmie and I did some Denny's, then home, and sleep, somewhere in there.

Nothing much during the day on Tuesday. More sleep, if I remember. I roused myself enough to get clean in the evening, then we went, met up with Mark, and saw the 10:20pm showing of Ratatouille at the Shoreline theaters.

Definitely a cute movie, though I could tell it was fantasy from the beginning when they claimed Paris as the gastronomic capital of France. Talking rats were just icing on the cake.

Then home, where I've slept for a few hours in my chair. I'm about to try and see what the bed has to offer.
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Spammity Spam

I've been getting so much "OEM software" and Viagra spam lately that, as I was deleting a message, I could swear it said "Get Adobe soft Cialis"...
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