July 31st, 2007



Every now and then (it might be monthly - perhaps I should chart it someday) I don't just put my foot in my mouth: I stick the whole leg down my throat, and wiggle my toes.

Yesterday was such a day. I started with an email that was supposed to be a simple question, and grew into a complete poison-pen letter before I sent it.

If you've read this blog much, you might have an idea of exactly how bad it could be.

I got a quite reasonable response, and fired back with something even more vitriolic.

When I got a response to that, some remnant of sanity told me to not even look at it until I'd slept.

So at noon today I started to do damage control, including working on the repercussions that had spread from the original event. I think I've got everything bandaged over, but as in all cases like this, there'll be scars.

I hate it when I act like this, but every so often I turn into a whiny little brat.

What's worst is that the original question was, essentially, if the individual in question was avoiding or ignoring me.

They certainly are now.
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