July 26th, 2007

Sri Yantra


Last night's Dinner& cheered me up considerably - as always. The usual excellent people. The main downer of the night was hearing about princesskiti22's accident, but at least she was OK - and there (um, hello? Squee?).

I had been given the last-minute task of putting together a cekyr0 version of "If You're Not The One," so I brought all the necessary equipment, and set up in the dining room. Among other things, it gave me an excuse not to actually participate in the Great Slave Labor Project in the living room...

It took me longer than one would think to get all that working, because, while the karaoke program I use (Siglos Karaoke Player Recorder) specifically is designed to do recordings as well, I could never get it to record anything more than silence. It would show volume on the incoming line meter, but would simply not record a damn thing.

So I eventually just set up to record in Audacity, instead. It took me a couple of tries to get the recording volume right, and two more before Alex decided he was satisfied with the result.

Now I just need to get the background and vocal tracks synced, then play with volumes and effects a bit. I still need to get to that, but it's not vital until Saturday morning.

After a little extra drama at the end of the evening - I followed someone home, so I could help with putting someone to bed - I ended up home at around 2:00am. I managed to get myself to bed quickly, by my standards - around 3:30am - and got some sleep.

Today, I've been relatively active - and even productive. I've managed to unearth the clothes I'll be wearing Saturday from the depths of the fourth box I checked, and have gotten them to a dry cleaner's. I've talked to a clerk in Redwood City about my traffic ticket. I've checked out a store I was recommended in the aforementioned Redwood City. I've even gotten my beard trimmed. Go me! Woo!

And I just finished dinner at Red Robin, and am pretty much ready to go back to bed...
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