July 24th, 2007

Elder Sign


When last I posted, I was about to sleep. Which I did, in profusion. In fact, that's mostly what today has been. An exciting life I lead, eh?

However, I did eventually get up early enough yesterday to go to dinner at On The Border with timenchanter, after which he went to Borders to buy himself a copy of Harry Potter & The Media Frenzy, then met back up with me at the bar as I was setting up.

An item of note is that during the whole dinner, we didn't discuss his boyfriend. At all. It was quite an interesting exercise for both of us.

The night was... a Monday. Really not a lot of excitement. We had a new guy, Daniel, who has an excellent voice, a cool attitude, and will hopefully be coming back. Lizz bitched and moaned about her songs, but less than usual. I think she may be slowly adapting to this "suicide" idea.

Or maybe she was just distracted planning for Wednesday. Her new venue is going to be called "The Infirmary," and she's scrambling to get DJs and bands. I may be helping with a few graphics.

bluize showed up with a date, tried singing a song, decided she didn't like it, and cut herself out of the rotation.

I learned that under no circumstances should I ever try Clay Aiken's Solitaire.

sjgrrrl mentioned how shocked she was to discover that segajenison is actually an intelligent, interesting person. Duh.

And that's about it. I ran for 12 rounds, and closed at just about 2:00am. The bar did adequately for a Monday.

I did the Denny's thing, then home to - as mentioned - sleep. I would perhaps have fully gotten up earlier today, but since LJ was knocked out by the power outage in SF, I decided to just sleep through the withdrawal pangs. I kept getting caught in a circle where I wanted to blog about the lack of LJ...

But now I'm up, just finished with my first, and given its size, likely only meal of the day, and ready to, uh, well, likely go back home and hibernate, honestly. Maybe work on those promised graphics, maybe do something about testing the recording capabilities of my system - I'm going to be recording cekyr0's version of If You're Not The One tomorrow for the wedding.
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Oh Yeah...

I completely forgot to mention - my one major accomplishment of the day. I'll be visiting Debbie August 27th through 30th, ostensibly to help her move.

And who knows? I might even end up doing so.

I'll be doing the shows on the 26th and the 30th (I actually have enough time for a nap on the 30th after I get back), but there likely won't be a Monday show on the 27th. If someone desperately wants to do it, fine, but after I talk to Paula, the bar'll likely just close that night.
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