July 23rd, 2007

Triskell Knot

Moving Experiences

I was late getting to princesskiti22's place yesterday.

By 15 minutes. I forgive myself. Especially since I was earlier than k_magic.

If I recall correctly, the final moving group was myself, Tim, electrichobbit, moahb, and, eventually, cekyr0 and jeffercine. At least, I think they carried something in their car for the second trip.

Keri doesn't exactly have a huge amount of stuff, and it only took two trips to transport it - with a long break in between for liquids and dove bars. In fact, the second trip was mostly a few odd-shaped things that didn't fit the first time, like her TV and patio furniture.

Her new place is a... shack. A cute shack, but a shack. On the other hand, the owner is fixing things up, and appears to really know what he's doing.

Afterward, several of us took turns cleaning up in her shower, then the "core" group at the time - myself, Keri, Mark, and Noah - wandered down to the creek by her new place (I don't care what it's labeled: It's a bloody creek), and cooled our feet in the water.

The only downside to the day was that it was bloody hot. Especially for carrying boxes and mattresses up, down, and around multiple staircases. Well, that and the fact that Alex just was not feeling well. I had a headache for most of the day, most likely from dehydration. No matter how much liquid I consumed, it never seemed to be enough.

On the other hand, the company and sense of accomplishment were awesome. And it is, of course, quite beautiful over there.

We all, plus misswong77, made our way to Ciao! Bella!! at 5:00pm for dinner. It was the first time I've been able to go there, though I haven't had the full experience: The show apparently starts at 7:00pm, and, well, I kinda had to be out of there a little earlier.

Oh well. The food was excellent, the company even more so, a couple of the waitresses were pretty hot, and I got to sit next to Keri (Have I mentioned "squee"?).

'Round about 6:15pm, I threw some money on the table (Hopefully enough - I have no idea how much my entrée actually was), started for the door - and remembered that Noah was parked behind me back at Keri's place. So he and I walked back, and I started my mad dash over the mountains.

It had been pointed out that the 17 would be a parking lot, so I took the 9 up to Skyline and over to my parents' place to exchange vehicles. I'm fairly proud of myself - I was driving as fast as reason would allow, and knew I was going to be incredibly late, but still managed to enjoy the scenery. I'm getting better at this "live in the moment" thing.

With all the gyrations, I got to the bar at something like 8:05pm. To find the population of the bar was Paula, Lily, Lizz, synkitty and dwo. All of them out front, except Paula, who was blocking the front door with a ladder while trying to reattach the box fan over the door. I ended up doing it for her.

Then the setting up bit. I was ready to go at just about 9:00pm - only an hour late. On the positive side, most of the customers didn't start showing up until about then, either.

It turned into a pretty busy night. Also, family night. blankreloaded brought his brother and sister, Tommy and Maggie. Both, from the little I was able to see of them, ultra-cool, and very good singers. It was chargerboy's birthday, he was there with his Mom and his sister Carrie (Or one of the equivalent spellings), who, uh, had a lot of fun. A lot of fun. Boy did she have fun.

A fairly good singer, too, though I was very grateful for the compressors: She kept whooping at full volume into the mic.

I was surprised at how many people from the moving party showed up - Tim, Noah, Mark (who did several slowdances with jorgitoelcubano. It was teh cute), and Alex and Jeff, with Alex feeling much better through chemistry. Ibuprofen is our friend. (Thank you very much Lucinda, by the way).

It was actually near packed in there until around midnight, when most people evaporated (probably something to do with this "job" thing I keep hearing about). The result was that I was able to fit in near 7 rounds in the night before closing at 2:00am sharp.

Then a quick shutdown, a driving home of the Synthia, a realization that actually, yes, I was hungry, a sandwich at Mini Gourmet, home, and unconsciousness.

I just woke up for a bit, decided to write things up, and am going back to bed now.

Good night!
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