July 22nd, 2007


Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back...

I hung out Friday night at the bar until, oh, about 1:00am. I entertained myself by (finally!) updating the KoC calendar. Not that I know if it's correct - I needed to talk to Lynx about a detail, and he, if anything, seemed to be actively avoiding me.


I went to Mini Gourmet, as is sort of obvious from the previous post, and watched all the late night party people and recoverers from Potterdammerung. I just love that word - I don't know who coined it, but it's wonderful.

Then home, some sleep, up for a bit, more sleep, delay, delay, delay...

My target for getting to my parents' place was 2:00pm. I managed 4:00pm. Dammit.

Still, we did the various chores for the day, and I now have the truck ready for tomorrow, fully fueled up an' all.

So that's working. On the more negative side, my laptop just decided it didn't want to recognize its CD drive. I've gone through a few gyrations, to no avail.

So I need to either repair the damn thing, or seriously consider getting a new one.

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