July 19th, 2007

Sri Yantra

Fair and Balanced

As things worked out, I picked up timenchanter at City Hall last night, and we made our way to the Hamptons for yet another fun-filled evening.

There were, of course, far too many people to mention, but they included wissavix (lovely as usual), princesskiti22 (danger: elevated squee levels ahead!), and dethtonge, who I'm mainly mentioning because he seemed to be quite concerned about drawing my sexuality into question.

Like I haven't had that happen before. It's interesting to note that most of those who have in the past have turned out to be in the closet themselves. Hmmm...

As I've said already, despite the lack of notable people, such as trivialt, qzar_mystik, raininroses, and amor_ereptor, the other participants, such as hogarthhughes, misswong77, electrichobbit, jorgitoelcubano, and snafflekid were simply too numerous to mention.

So I won't even try.

The wedding meeting seemed to go well. The slips were received quite positively, so I guess I did OK there, and I have a few more things to do. Well, mostly, borrow the truck again and show up to help move shtuff. I'm getting off pretty light.

Timmie was, for some mysterious reason, somewhat on the distraught side, and got just a little more drunk than was good for him. With the eventual result that he slept on the couch.

This meant I had to hang around and have a long, late-night conversation with Keri, who had actually planned to sleep over. This was, of course, quite distressing to me, but I bore up. Well, not too far "up." I have some self-control. Really.

I woke up around 7:00am in one of the chairs in the living room - which woke Timmie up, so we made a mad dash to (1) get him a change of clothing and (2) get him to work by 7:30am. I dropped him off in front of the doors at 7:30 sharp.

And of course, came right back home and went to sleep in my own bed.

And that's about it.
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Yes, you've been mentioned. Yes, I'm annoyed at you. You've put my best friend through a whole bunch of unnecessary BS, all of it obviously stemming from some rather enormous levels of insecurity, and a concomitant desire to be in complete control.

But don't presume to know "what I think of you" from a few lines written here and there.

I'm not some vacuous idiot who makes snap judgments of people based on a few minutes of contact, and then refuses to see anything further about the individual.

I happen to know that Timmie loves you. And I have a large amount of trust in his opinions. So I'm pretty positive, despite the sides I've seen and heard of you, that you at least contain the seeds of a decent human being. I honestly don't know what they might be, because we've never talked.

But I know they're there. Somewhere.

I believe I can confidently say that his friends, as a whole, aren't exactly in the most positive mindset about you. For one, we've all seen what you've put him through. For another, you've disdained actually meeting with us. We're Timmie's family of choice, and happen to know that we're some pretty amazing human beings - not the least because we don't waste a lot of our time belittling other people to make ourselves feel better.

No matter what you do, you will never be able to steal him away from us. This isn't a threat, or even a challenge. It's a simple fact. We love and trust him, and he loves and trusts us.

We fully expect that a relationship will take up a fair amount of his time. That's a given. But any attempt to throw a wedge between us will only, in the long run, separate the two of you. Believe it or not, he actually has the intelligence to recognize cheap manipulation for what it is.

So you have a choice. On the one hand, you can pull your head out of your ass, and accept the privilege of sharing the life of an excellent individual, as he shares his with you. Maybe even, oh, I don't know, learn to trust him and his opinions, and fucking stop trying to harass him in the sick hope that if you ask him the same question 50 times, his answer will suddenly be different.

On the other hand, you can continue as you have been, and keep pulling the grand dramatic gestures, the 4am "gotta talk about this now" brainwash sessions, and the "OMG how dare you have a life that isn't totally focussed on me" crap. Keep going this way, you will lose him sooner or later, and I'd say more likely sooner than later. He loves you, and he'll go to huge lengths for those he loves, but he's not a masochist.

So please, for your sake and his, GROW UP!
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