July 16th, 2007


Goings On

Last night's show was interesting, starting with Lizz, who had just excised Nick from her life. Given he was the "prince she'd finally found" as recently as a week ago, she was a little on the bitter side.

None of this is particularly unusual - like many of us, she finds herself attracted to people that are bad for her. But her cycle seems to be shortening. At this rate, 6 months from now she'll be falling desperately in love then dumping the guy for being an ass within 24 hours.

This could be good - if she gets to the point that she dumps them before falling for them, she'll be in much better shape.

kshandra graced us with her presence - and her voice - until 11:30pm. This is always a good thing. trivialt was there for several hours - as were a number of survivors of qzar_mystik's birthday party. cekyr0 and jeffercine, of that group, left without saying goodbye, which was uncharacteristic, but I chalk that up to their both being in intense pain.

I find myself regretting much less that I couldn't make it to the festivities. Especially since I swear I've heard the term "dodgeball" associated with it. Since I've always considered that to be an evil "game" invented by sadistic coaches to punish kids with slow reflexes, one that should by all rights be banned, it's probably a good thing I wasn't there.

We had several new people, one of them Julia, an operatically-trained singer with a fondness for classic musicals. She plans to come back. I plan to enjoy it.

jorgitoelcubano expressed that I give the best hugs he's had. electrichobbit expressed that he'd cut me later. Hanging around Cubans too much, that boy is.

I ran for, well, 7 or 8 rotations, depending how you count them. One of our newcomers last night was Trina, a visiting cousin of some lesbian group I don't remember ever seeing before. She was a quite decent singer, if a little over-standard ("Walking After Midnight," "I Will Survive," "More Than Words"). One of her group was, was... ummm... "difficult." She seemed to think that if I accepted a slip, that slip was going to be sung. I ended the seventh and last round at 1:45am. To be nice, and since I'd been tipped, I gave Trina another song. Since her cousin wouldn't shut up otherwise, I gave her yet one more.

At that point, I was feeling pretty guilty about the remaining people in the bar, who were either employees, or, like supersniffles and synkitty, were riding with me. So we locked the doors, and I did an after-hours rotation to make up for it.

Eddie discovered to his shock that Lizz doesn't know "River Deep, Mountain High." She seemed to pick it up OK, though.

What with all that, I didn't get out of the bar until around 2:40am. Then Cindi, Synthia, and I did a Denny's run (to the one that was open), and talked each other's ears off until 4:00am or so, at which point I dropped a much more sober Cindi back off at her car, dropped Synthia at home to confront her colicky child and aunt, and made my way home to, as I so frequently put it, pass the fuck out.

Today has been as productive as my Mondays usually are. I've kept caught up on LJ. I've, uh, showered.

And I'm finishing up my dinner. Go me!

Off to the show I go.
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