July 15th, 2007


The Party in the Pool, or How I Spent My Bastille Day

I got to markobellydance's birthday party kinda late - around 8:30pm, to be exact. I for some reason had decided it would be a good idea to clean my swim trunks and towel.

And I was right.

When I got there, things were already in full swing, with a large complement of wonderful people, including the talented, intelligent, but ever-elusive spondee.

Almost immediately after I got out to the poolside, princesskiti22 said something on the order of "Bet I can push you into the pool." I of course gave the only reasonable, measured response one can make in that situation: "You can try."

She graciously let me divest myself of pouches, phones, and watches first, before completely and utterly failing to get me in the water. Though I have to say that she did get me within two feet of the edge, and almost got one of my sandals to fly in the water.

Furthermore, I also failed to get her in. Feisty, she is.

That seemed to set the tone for the rest of the evening. Not too long afterwards, Marko was dumped in the pool - and I saw him chasing snafflekid and spawrhawk. I managed to catch Mikey for him, and Marko recommended that he remove his shoes.

Some people just don't listen.

Now, for what it's worth, I wasn't personally planning to throw Mikey in the pool. That was Marko's job. I was quite willing to hold on and make the job easier. But things don't always work out as we plan. Mikey broke free of Marko, and started running away. Since he didn't break free of me, he was running in a spiral. I had to let go at some point, and it seemed best to let go where the landing would be softest...

Once he climbed back out, he made sure to give me a nice, long, close hug. I knew I should have packed a change of jeans...

People started flying in the pool with fair regularity from that point on. Then a number of us got in voluntarily.

It was actually hard to swim for a while, from the number of people in the pool.

Definitely a good night. It would have been better if whatever's going on with my left shoulder hadn't reared its ugly head. I really need to find myself a decent chiropractor. But eh, 'twas fun anyway, and I managed to work out a lot of it in the process - my shoulder and neck have been cracking off and on ever since, and I can hope that the final position will be closer to functional.

I'm really not sure how long I was in the pool. After I got out, I passed out for a while on one of the chaises longues, and got back up around 1:30am, as things were largely coming to an end. I said my goodbyes, headed home, and passed the fuck out.

And that's been about it. The only activity today or any note has been reading the archives of Commissioned, a moderately funny comic with quite respectable artwork.

I'm about to do a little shopping at Target, then off to the bar for an evening of (hopefully) less humid fun.
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