July 14th, 2007

Dragon K

Industrial Wedding Parties

Last night I went to the bar, with the intention of doing Paula's dirty work and talking to lynxcat. I got there quite late - though before he did - but didn't really get a decent opening to talk to him until after closing.

It was an interesting night. Not incredibly busy, but certainly busy enough. And I got in a few little conversations, with thebatt, and Dane, and the very lovely hektikat, and Jasmine (who I hadn't met before), and a few others.

Though mostly I hid behind the laptop, and listened to the music. In the process I managed to get a first draft of the sign-up slip I'm going to use for the wedding. It took a little longer than I expected because I'm still not quite up to speed on Inkscape. It doesn't look too bad printed up - though I have some margin errors I'm going to have to work on.

The amps did, in fact, cut out on Lynx once. This mostly has to do with him playing louder than all the other DJs. While that is a problem, I didn't notice any serious distortion otherwise.

Again, we talked, but not quite as Paula likely wanted. I'm going to figure out how and where to hang the sub, so we can hook that back into the system, and he, and possibly Allan, will help me with putting it up and running the cable to it.

Furthermore, he's willing to shell out the cash for a better amp, so I'm going to get a total price to him, and we're just going to buy it and install it. Once it's a done deal, we rather doubt Paula will complain too loudly about it.

Then home, a few hours of sleep, and back up again to make it to the brunch being thrown for cekyr0 and jeffercine by Cara and Garth. A fun party (I mean, both wissavix and princesskiti22 (insert "squee" here) were there - how could it not be?). All sorts of great people, including, for example, electrichobbit, trivialt and even timenchanter.

The lack of sleep did catch up to me at one point - so the group got serenaded by my snores - but mostly, just a lighthearted, fun time. Certainly they had a great time making lighthearted fun of my snoring.

I just got home from that. I need to manage a few things before bouncing back out to markobellydance's birthday pool party.

Social butterfly... out!
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