July 13th, 2007


Good Times

Last night's show was, well, pretty awesome. It wasn't incredibly busy (I managed to fit in 6 rotations - and closed at 1:45am), but we had enough people in the bar to make it an all-night party.

And the ones we had were in a party mood. There was, of course, kizmet100's birthday to be celebrated. But we also had long periods of the night when people were actively cheering for each song. And that was most cool.

It didn't hurt my mood that most of the people for whom I was picking songs seemed to actually like what I picked. Except maybe the first one I gave sjgrrrl. I can't even remember what it was right now. But hey, she sang it - and pretty much rocked, too.

Then, of course, the people. timenchanter was there for most of the night, for the first time in ages. We even did Denny's afterward. Of course, part of the discussion was the likelihood of his moving out after the agreed year here is up. Which means, given my normal speed, that I'll be moving out of here about the time I finally open the last box. Oh well.

We also had electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano and cekyr0 and jeffercine and trivialt and lysana and tazja714 and nosfour82 and markobellydance and celticnoor and supersniffles, and, and (pant pant pant pant)...

I had a great time. Can you tell?

Paula wasn't in as great a mood. Her bar's still open, but I got the impression that the health inspector gave her a list of things to fix that, well, may have run to several pages.

And she was doing her "getting other people to talk for her" thing. Something about Wayne wanting to buy an amp at Radio Shack - I've messaged him about the subject. And conflicts with lynxcat. I agreed to show up tonight and try to work on any technical issues he may have been having with the sound system. Which may include trying to protect the bar from amps purchased at Radio Shack.

So if anybody's interested, I'll be at Nemesis tonight.

Who knows? If I get there early enough, I may even do something about the sub.

Today hasn't existed much yet. There are a total of four (4) books in the new bookshelf, and I've started in on Xenocide. And, quite honestly, my highest priority right now should be getting clean so I can do something about food.
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Elder Sign

Reason #185 Why I Shouldn't Be a Parent

There's a family two tables away from me. They have a child, I think about 1 year old or so - she's quite cute. She's also in a very good mood, and quite LOUD. She has that piercing "expression of joy" squeal that so fortunately stops being a possibility by around four years of age.

Now, first, I have to say: Her parents (or present guardians) are doing whatever they can, within reason, to get her to shush - and have been reasonably successful. This is not one of those permissive-parents-you-want-to-line-up-against-a-wall-and-shoot situations.

Still, periodically she gets excited and lets loose.

The interesting thing is my reaction. I can be quite reasonable and understanding between squeals. During them, however, I have a definite visceral reaction.

I want to smash whatever is making the noise until it stops.

Immediately afterward, the engineering and scientific training takes over, and I start to think that one should be able to eliminate the behavior by repetitive negative reinforcement.

And it should be easy to adapt the construction of those dog "anti-bark" shock collars for the purpose...
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