July 12th, 2007


Under and Over

After leaving Chevy's yesterday, I did a slight wander through Barnes&Noble (somehow without buying anything), grabbed interesting-looking cheeses at Trader Joe's, and got to the Hamptons at something like 6:27pm.

The following few hours were frustrating. There was a large assortment of yummy food, but I was already stuffed to the gills. There were fascinating people, but I was in a food coma.

Life is just so hard.

I got over it.

After a couple of hours, I started waking up a bit, and was better able to interact with my surroundings. Then timenchanter showed up around 9:30pm, so I got a few hours of face-time with my best friend (yay!), and princesskiti22 showed up at 10:00pm (Can you say "Squee!"? I knew you could!).

I was very happy camper.

Sometime around 11:00pm to midnight I headed to the bathroom, and ended up spacing out a bit. When I got out, it seemed that everyone was gone, except for cekyr0, who was going to bed, and moahb and electrichobbit, who were heading home. So I hugged everyone goodbye, and walked to my car. Except I heard familiar laughter on the way, and ran back inside - Timmie, Keri, and jeffercine were still there, out in the back. There may have been someone else, too, but I have my usual mental blind spot...

I ended up not leaving until about 12:50am, when Jefferson chased us all out. This was great on a number of levels, not the least of which was the number of Keri hugs I managed to get in...

I got home, slept for a while, woke up, slept for a while, woke up, slept for a while...

Not an easy night, but no biggie. I got up at something like 1:00pm, and after only an hour or so managed to motivate myself to put up another bookshelf! It's in place, attached to the wall, and everything. This time I only had to sacrifice a small blood-blister to the Ikea gods. Much better than the missing skin on my knuckle from the first one.

I'll hopefully get books into it when I get back from the show. Which might allow me to clear off enough space to move the stuff that's presently where the third bookcase is supposed to go...

I cleaned up, packed up, and started moving stuff to the car - to discover a beat-up station wagon parked behind it. I initially thought it was a neighbor, but the longer the guy was there, it seemed he was just an odd vagrant going through the recycling bins. An odd vagrant who apparently likes boxing. A lot. Getting him to move involved letting him ramble on about the subject multiple times.

In fact, he was still going on about the subject as I loaded the rack into the car, and pulled out of the driveway.

Then here for some food. I now have blood sugar for the first time today, and it feels kinda nice. And I'm about to head to the bar, which may even not have been closed down by the health department, and have myself a good evening.

Given my record lately, I can see what new and original way I can use to insert my foot in my mouth. Such excitement!
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